How to Translate WordPress Website to All Languages?

Follow the Steps to Translate our WordPress Website to Many Languages

1. Go Search bar and type Translate

2. The search Bar Indicates the Translate WordPress with GTranslate Plugin

Click the Install Now Button.

After installation Activate this plugin.

3. Go to Settings menu and click the Gtranslate Section

4. Click whatever Language you want in the Flag Language

5. Click the float option and click the Nice Dropdown With Flags to have an Nice Design

6. Change the Text, Arrow, Border Color, etc., in Color option

7. Click the Show floating language selector in dropdown menu and click the bottom right option

After the change to be done click the save changes button.

8. The Translater shown in the right bottom of the scroller.

Example: Click the below ayschools on the other hand check whether the translator is in which place


These are the steps to Translate your WordPress Website to Many Languages