How to Use Bootstrap 5 utility classes?

Here are some of the commonly used utility classes in Bootstrap 5:
1. Spacing:
   – m-*: Margin utility classes (e.g., m-1, m-2, m-3, etc.)
   – p-*: Padding utility classes (e.g., p-1, p-2, p-3, etc.)
2. Sizing:
   – w-*: Width utility classes (e.g., w-50, w-75, w-100, etc.)
   – h-*: Height utility classes (e.g., h-50, h-75, h-100, etc.)

3. Text:
   – text-*: Text color classes (e.g., text-primary, text-danger, etc.)
   – text-*-nowrap: Text will not wrap on the specified breakpoint (e.g., text-nowrap, text-sm-nowrap, etc.)
   – text-*-truncate: Truncate text on the specified breakpoint (e.g., text-truncate, text-md-truncate, etc.)
4. Background:
   – bg-*: Background color classes (e.g., bg-primary, bg-secondary, etc.)
5. Flexbox:
   – d-*: Display utility classes (e.g., d-flex, d-inline-flex, etc.)
   – flex-*: Flex utility classes (e.g., flex-grow-1, flex-shrink-0, etc.)
6. Position:
   – position-*: Position utility classes (e.g., position-static, position-relative, position-absolute, etc.)
7. Borders:
   – border-*: Border utility classes (e.g., border, border-0, border-top, border-success, etc.)
8. Visibility:
   – invisible: Makes an element invisible but takes up space.
   – d-*-none: Display utility classes to hide an element on specific breakpoints (e.g., d-none, d-md-none, etc.)